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Bothoor ALkhaer Organization for Relief and Development

Children, women and men face enormous obstacles. The global pandemic has complicated poverty, disasters, violent conflict, and the severe impacts of climate change. You can join us as we work with local communities to help build a world where everyone can thrive. Your gift today will go where it's needed most, helping us mobilize our teams to respond to humanitarian crises in places like Iraq, provide life-saving assistance to Iraqi children displaced by violent conflict, support farmers threatened by drought, and help small business owners affected by the economic consequences of COVID-19. , and much more. Seeds of Good teams are already on the ground where help is needed most. We work in more than 10 provinces alongside communities as they prepare for, protect from and recover from crises.

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Provide life-changing support With your donation, we'll provide more than just emergency relief. We are uplifting thousands of Iraqi families through food security and livelihood programs, shelter, water and hygiene kits, women and children protection programs, educational services, agrarian reform, job training and employment, and much more.

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Bothoor ALkhaer Organization for Relief and Development