Reintegration and tolerance

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TheBothoor Alkhayr  Relief and Development Organization works through a program for reintegration and tolerance between communities in Iraq. We are working to implement it in Iraq to spread peaceful tolerance among Iraqi components and communities.

Reintegration and tolerance


The Reintegration Project supports community readiness, return, and reintegration of families believed to be linked to ISIS and who are likely to be the most marginalized and vulnerable. The phased implementation of the project includes conducting conflict assessments by region, coordinating dialogue processes, mediation and reconciliation processes related to the development of local peace agreements, and social and economic reintegration assistance into returnee communities, such as housing rehabilitation and the provision of psychosocial and livelihood support. The project contributes to the durable solutions strategy and works in partnership with the Iraqi government and local governments to facilitate the return of displaced people and mitigate the negative effects of Covid-19 on them and on the beneficiary communities.

Reintegration and tolerance initiatives include the following activities:

Activities of the “Reintegration and Coexistence” project include peaceful and societal reintegration of displaced and returning women who have been affected by disputes and conflicts, in addition to enhancing psychological support for survivors, emphasizing social cohesion through acceptance, tolerance and societal reconciliation, and calling for meeting the needs of children and women by decision-makers. The project targets displaced women and children, marginalized returnees, orphans, widows, and female breadwinners in the camps, in addition to targeting some members of the local government, camp directors, community leaders, tribal heads, and educated elites (which include teachers, university professors, community police, civil society leaders, and clergy). The project’s activities include providing health, psychological and social awareness to displaced women by male and female researchers and trainers specialized in positive energy and psychological treatment for abused women, as well as activities to activate the role of women in society and improve gender equality in providing services by holding dialogue sessions with government employees and decision makers. .

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