Program Access to justice

Bothoor ALkhaer is a non-profit organization working in the field of relief and development in Iraq. The organization aims to improve people's lives and provide equal opportunities for all, including easy access to justice. Seeds of Goodness uses the Access to Justice program to ensure that all individuals in Iraqi society enjoy their rights and can easily access the justice system. The organization takes several actions to implement this program: raising awareness, providing legal support, facilitating resource provision, and participating in legislation.

Baord contributes to achieving Goal 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals – by ensuring that children do not spend their pivotal years behind bars and have access to learning opportunities.

Baord contributes to achieving Goal 5 of the Sustainable Development Goals - empowering girls to become future leaders and ensuring that girls have equal protection under the law.

Baord contributes to Goal 10 of the Sustainable Development Goals – providing legal representation for poor children who cannot afford a lawyer.

Baord Justice contributes to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 16 – specifically Goal 16.3, which seeks to achieve equal access to justice for all – by protecting and defending due process rights.

Program focus

The focus on access to justice refers to the efforts made to ensure that all individuals enjoy their rights and freedoms equally and fairly. Access to justice requires the provision of a fair and reliable legal system, where laws are applied justly and equally to everyone without discrimination. It also entails providing effective and affordable means of resolving conflicts and disputes, whether they are criminal, civil, or social issues. A fair and independent judiciary is one of the essential elements in ensuring access to justice.

The efforts aimed at achieving justice aim to promote equality, equal opportunities, and protection. They seek to improve the justice system, prevent discrimination and injustice. Achieving justice requires collaboration among all relevant parties, including governments, judicial institutions, civil society, and citizens.

In conclusion, focusing on access to justice is crucial for building a just and sustainable society, where everyone enjoys their rights and freedoms equally and without discrimination.

Program mission

The mission of access to justice is to ensure the rights of all individuals and achieve equality in those rights. The aim of access to justice is to provide a fair and reliable legal system that guarantees everyone equal opportunities, rights, and protection. Among the tasks of access to justice is to provide criminal justice: this includes the trial and punishment of criminals based on established laws, and ensuring the rights of victims and compensating them. Providing civil justice: this involves resolving civil disputes peacefully and fairly, whether they relate to contracts, property, family, or any other issues. Protecting human rights: this includes guaranteeing the rights of individuals, including the right to life, liberty, and personal security, women's rights, minority rights, workers' rights, children's rights, elder rights, and other fundamental human rights. Promoting equality: access to justice also aims to reduce gaps and discrimination in society, and promote equality in economic and social opportunities and benefits. Enhancing trust in the legal system: by applying the law fairly and equally to everyone, trust in the legal system, police, and judiciary is promoted.

Program configuration

1. Fair legislation and laws: Societies need guidelines and legal systems that ensure equality and the rights of all, while also ensuring accountability and justice.
2. Independent and impartial judiciary: There should be a strong and independent judiciary that treats all individuals fairly and equally, without discrimination.
3. Access to the law: The law should be understandable and accessible to everyone, and legal aid should be provided to those who do not have the necessary means.
4. Protection of human rights: Human rights should be protected and respected by the government and legal institutions, including the rights of vulnerable and marginalized individuals.
5. Provision of alternative dispute resolution pathways: Justice can be enhanced by providing alternative means of resolving disputes, such as arbitration and mediation, to offer quick and fair solutions.
6. Public awareness: The public should be educated about their rights and legal responsibilities, promoting legal awareness to achieve justice.
7. International cooperation: Justice can be achieved through cooperation and coordination with the international community in promoting human rights, knowledge exchange, and sharing expertise.

Areas of expertise

Bothoor ALkhaer Relief and Development Organization works to promote human rights and justice through research, awareness-raising, legal counseling, and legal support for individuals and communities. We address various legal issues that require expertise in accessing justice, such as human rights, labor rights, children's rights, women's rights, refugee rights, and contracts.

Mediation and arbitration: Mediators and arbitrators facilitate the resolution of disputes and conflicts outside of the courtroom. They utilize effective communication and active listening skills, as well as effective conflict management, to reach solutions that consider the interests of both parties.

Program projects

1. Legal empowerment
2. Finding an alternative to settle disputes
3. Raising awareness
4. Strengthening the rule of law in Iraq
5. Resolving community conflicts

Program philosophy

1.Equality: indicates that all individuals should have the same opportunities and privileges and be treated fairly, regardless of their personal or cultural differences. This means that society treats everyone with the same value and provides everyone with equal opportunities for advancement and success.

2. Fair distribution: refers to ensuring that resources and opportunities are distributed in a way that promotes social justice. Resources should be distributed so that the needs of all members of society are met fairly and equitably, and everyone is provided with equal opportunities to actively participate in society.

Bothoor ALkhaer Organization for Relief and Development